Open source §

  • PeerTube (maintainer), a federated video streaming platform with automatic mirroring, transcoding and live streaming
  • OLKi (maintainer), a federated science sharing platform

Minor projects §

  • ActivityPub Components (maintainer), web components that can be integrated anywhere
  • a bunch of PeerTube plugins I maintain:
    • glavlit, enhanced moderation tools
    • koukoku, advertisements with any VAST-compliant server, mindful of DNT.
    • slides, adding conference-style slides aside a video
    • ungamify, removes potential gamifications
    • mtcaptcha, a captcha service
    • hcaptcha, a captcha service
    • recpatcha, a captcha service

Archived projects §

  • Ambroisie, a WebTorrent port to Elixir using OTP
  • pndex, a PeerTube index built on Hasura/PostgreSQL and Express microservices
  • chatube, an Invidious load-balancer for the CHATONS collective which can be adapted for other projects
  • gka-libparc, a TGDH implementation in OpenSSL, extending libparc to support group key agreement
  • ripmc, an image scrapper that reassembles obfuscated images

Publications §

Journals §

  • (writing) Semantic interactions for data repostiories with ActivityPub, co-authored with Christophe Cerisara and Pierre Willaime, LORIA, Nancy.

Conferences §

Academic reports §

Consulting reports §

  • (june 2015) Data erasure protocol, mandated by Bolloré Protection S.A. to enforce a proper erasure procedure of their aging devices.